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The Honest Messenger and the H2G Life Bible Study Message


The Honest Messenger carries the "Word of God" throughout the world to spread the Gospel and assist in rejuvenating Truth to the masses.

H2G-"Honest to God"...signifies a bond that we strive to achieve in our everyday lives. The same bond written in scripture that Our Lord and Savior offers to ALL that accepts him...

"An Everlasting Bond".

The H2G Life Bible Study is a Great teaching tool for children to understand the importance of being Honest, accepting Truth, and developing their personal relationships with Our Lord and Savior through Daily Devotions.

H2G Life Bible Study can also be shared with your group in weekly gatherings or a One Day Workshop to rejuvenate your groups Honesty and relationship with Our Lord and Savior. Study Sessions include Honesty, Truth, Loyalty, and Devotion. Suited for groups and organizations of all Denominations as well as rehabilitation facilities worldwide.

God Bless!

Let's Be Honest...

The Problem

Be sounds easy, Right!?!

To be truly honest in a world full of deceit can become one of your greatest challenges.

The Plan

Embellishments, Slander, Defamation, Fibbing, Disinformation, Perjury, Misrepresentation, etc. are all forms of Being Dishonest...

Recognize and Correct! 


Take the time to talk to God... 

Do not be afraid to ask for his guidance.  Being 100% Truthful in all facets of life is not always the easiest path.  Remember...

"The Truth Shall Set You Free"


Study the scriptures on Honesty. Receive the Lord's guidance, and start changing this world one conversation at a time...

Beginning with YOU!!!


 The direct path is the fastest way to Engage and Encourage people to live an Honest Life.  Explain to them how false statements can
affect others.


With God on your side...

All Things Are Possible"

Are You... Can You... Will You...

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